Sikh Kirpans are sacred ceremonial daggers, an integral part of the Sikh religious tradition and an emblem of Sikh identity. These ornate and symbolic items hold great significance in Sikh culture. Whether you’re a Sikh looking to purchase a Kirpan, a collector, or simply curious about these unique pieces.Sardarpagrihouse help you obtain or learn more about this iconic element of Sikh heritage.

Buy sikh kirpan online, our Sikh Kirpans come in various designs, sizes, and materials, catering to the diverse tastes of the Sikh community and collectors worldwide. Here are some common types of Kirpan products:

Traditional Kirpans: These are typically handcrafted with intricate designs, featuring a curved blade, a hilt, and a sheath. They often incorporate symbolic elements, such as the Khanda or the Ik Onkar symbol.

Decorative Kirpans: Some Kirpans are designed purely for ornamental purposes. These may have gemstone embellishments, engravings, and other decorative elements, making them suitable for display or gifting.

Miniature Kirpans: Smaller Kirpans, often worn as pendants or brooches, are popular for personal adornment. These miniatures still bear the essential Kirpan design elements.

Custom Kirpans: Sardarpagrihouse offer custom Kirpans, allowing customers to personalize the design, size, and materials to meet their specific preferences.

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1 Pc – 5″ Dori Kirpan Sarabloh Made Blade


1.5″ Inch Smallest Taksali Kirpan


11″ Bone Handle Silver Work


11″ Damascus Silver Work Kirpan


11″ Eagle Handle Taksali Kirpan


11″ Katar Kirpan


11″ Kirpan


11″ Kirpan


11″ Kirpan Silver Work Full


11″ Sarabloh Blade


11″ Taksali Kirpan


11″ Taksali Kirpan Sarabloh Blade